Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shape Collage

This week our instructor showed us a bunch of different, useful and cool sites.  He showed us how we could use Evernote, Slideshare, Livebinders, Animoto, BlipFM, and Shape Collage, just to name a few-all free resources available on the web and could easily be incorporated into lessons and assignments or simply for personal use.

I thought Shape Collage looked pretty cool, so I downloaded it.  It saves to your computer and allows you to customize a variety of collages using your own photos.  You can specify how many photos you want in the collage, how large you want the photos, and what shape you would like the collage to be in.  When you are happy with the collage you have created you simply save it to your computer (or wherever you like to save your work!).  I think Shape Collage grabbed my attention because I have a lot of photos that I can play with and I thought it could be an excellent touch to projects or assignments to give students (or yet another great way to procrastinate from doing actual homework...)

Here is a quick collage I created (sticking with the New Zealand theme!)


  1. Alanna: this shape collage thing is exactly the thing that I was looking for! I was going to spend a lot of time making a collage by hand for someone, but I think this will look a lot nicer and be quicker!

    I checked out your NZ collage, looks cool.

  2. After seeing the presentation by Mike and your post, I'm seeing endless possibilities for tools such as shape collage in the classroom. Instead of getting students to make posters and writing papers about research they have done, why not get them to explore these tools, making a presentation, collage, or combination of the sorts. Students will become much more engaged. Besides, who in the real world actually makes freehand drawn posters? And yet we get students to do this all the time in school to show their learning. Getting students to explore online tools they can use at home and in the workplace will only increase their capacity to learn and create products that they can use in the real world.

  3. Ya ya ya!! I love this, and it will go perfect with my art lesson plan I need to make for this week. I love that you can use a collage in any class really, and who doesn't like making a collage? This is a really great way to make a collage and wouldn't take as much time as cutting out clippings from magazines. Question though: can you print them? Because you would obviously want a physical copy. Great idea though, another good find Miss Simpson ;)

  4. Love the collage, Alanna, glad you found this useful!

  5. I love that you can create a collage using all of your own photos in just a few minutes! And yes Tiff you can print it off the computer, although I haven't experimented with printing it off at a photo place.