Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presentation Time!

Our presenters this week were our fellow classmates, presenting on a variety of topics. Everyone did an excellent job and covered a some interesting and relevant topics. There were a couple of presentations that further interested me in the subject area.

The first presentation was on what type of mobile device would be best suited for the classroom and learning. The guys compared smart phones, iPads, and laptops. They developed a whole list of criteria and method of rating each device. I found this interesting, as part of this class we are able to use an iPad for a couple of weeks (I'm currently writing my first ever blog post using the iPad!) and due this I have become much more interested in the possibilities that the use of an iPad in class present for learning and students. As I was scrolling through my twitter feed this morning I discovered an interesting presentation on 47 different ways to use an iPad in class. There are certainly some great and interesting ideas presented here. The presentation can be found on the EDTE.CH blog under 'Interesting Ways' located at You can also find various other resources and ideas for using technology in the classroom.

The other presentation that really caught my attention was the one on social networking in the classroom. Now when I think of social networking my mind automatically jumps to facebook or twitter, what I did not realize was the wide variety of social networking sites available based on interests. One in particular this group mentioned was italkie, a site where people can connect to learn new languages. The other aspect of this presentation that I liked was how the group used screenr to present. Screenr allows a person to make a video of the screen they are looking at and add a voice recording on how to use the site. This tool alone could be very effective in teaching students about a particular website or for the students to create videos on how to use certain websites.

Overall the presentations were very well done, and once again I was introduced to a variety of ideas to consider!


  1. All of us in "the history of the internet" group are crushed that we did not whip up more interest in our topic, but we understand. Poor David, I'll be craddling his ego for the rest of the week.

    You are right though, some of those sites that were introduced were very good. I especially like the screenr site and think that it has so many potential uses. It'll be a great tool.

  2. I really learned a lot from the presentations too. I felt the presentation on the mobile devices in the classroom was really well done. The criteria they used was well thought out and it made a great case for laptops and smart phones in the classroom. The social networking one was great too. That screenr program is something else and I need to familiarize myself with it soon. Overall, all the presentations were very well done. Obviously the History of the Internet was the best though.